Glossary of Flooring Terms

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The natural visual interest in a hardwood floor. This can include any or all of the following: natural color variations, random grain patterns, and knots.

Cup or Crown

The natural result of expansion or contraction of hardwood material when exposed to uncontrolled climates.


Various methods, using hand tools or machinery, create chatter marks and other markings resulting in a time-worn visual.


Dimensional stability is achieved with multiple layers of cross constructed wood veneers with the stained specie of choice on the top. The cross-layer construction of the veneers is designed to reduce expansion and contraction.

Gloss Level

The level of polyurethane coating as it relates to the amount of light that it will reflect.  Gloss levels can range from high gloss to low gloss or matte.

Micro Beveled Edge

A slight texture treatment of the edges of each plank, softening the hard lines of a square edge and hiding any slightly irregular sub-floors.


The top surface of each flooring plank is randomly scraped, by machine or by hand, to create a distressed design that adds visual interest.


A solid plank of lumber that is milled to a uniform thickness and width.

Tongue and Groove

The molded edges of planks designed to create a locking system for concealing shrinkage and achieving a flush installation.

UV Cured Urethane with Aluminum Oxide

A polyurethane coating is applied over the stain, and cured with ultraviolet lighting. For increased durability and protection, Aluminum Oxide (a naturally derived mineral) is added. The combination results in a hardwood floor that can carry a 25-50 year finish warranty.

Wire Brushing

Each plank is run through machinery that applies a wire brush to the surface, removing the softest grain of the hardwood.  This creates visual interest and increased durability.


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