Surface Treatment

Subtle scrapingwire brushing or distressing bring an authentic, aged hardwood design to the Azalea Lane collections.  These surface treatments, combined with a complementing stain color can create a warm and inviting space that is perfect for high traffic areas or busy, active homes with children and pets. Worry less about obvious scratching or dings with a surface that has been intentionally aged. Scraping and distressing creates a vintage look, optimizing the character in each plank. Wire brushing actually removes the softer grain in the wood, so that you are walking on the hardest, most durable grain. For a truly rustic design, choose a collection that offers multiple surface treatments.  A smooth surface is a classic, timeless choice that is elegant and versatile for any design.

Azalea Lane also offers choices in gloss levels among the collections. Choose a high or medium gloss level for a traditional result, or a low gloss level for a more matte, modern design result, which will reflect less light.  Regardless of the gloss level, all of our collections boast a durable finish for optimum wear protection.

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